Hello, I am Hadeel Alqahtani and I will tell you about our case study for designing a booking app for kids, we did the whole reserch and design in just 5 days which was a huge chalenge for us, but our great team (Atheer , Dalal, Hajer) did it and I am very proud of it, it was alot of prusure and very long working hours but I enjoyed every minutes of the project journey.

Our client

The Saudi entertainment authority is an organization that was established in 2016. Their main goal is to provide exciting entertainment options and tailored experiences to…

Hello, I am Hadeel Alqahtani and my teammates Hajer Alhilali, Mariam Alfairoz, Reem Bahathiq worked in the past two weeks on designing a tour app for Alahsa city, and I am glad to share with you what we found in our study.

Our information about Al-Ahsa is little, I visited Al Ahsa just once, and one of my teammates Mariam she is originally from there, and she visited Al-ahsa many times and that’s helped us a lot.

Hello Everyone, I am Hadeel and My Amazing Teammates Abrar Ahmed And Hebah AlAserei did UX research About creating a microsite named “Eida” for A large hiking trip booking website named “Siru”.

“Eida” website Concept

It is an online Saudi store where hikers can buy hiking equipment.

Problem Statment

Our Saudi Arabian hikers have difficulty finding hiking equipment, our Solution should provide a way for hikers to buy their equipment fast through our website and create an online blog to explore more.

key features

Based on our research including interviews, we found that most hikers want a local online store where they can buy and rent hiking…

Explore Logo

Greetings! My name is Hadeel AlQahtani, and I study UX design at Misk Academy. Our team is working on a project for a mobile application named “Explore” for outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia. I would like to acknowledge my teammates Abrar Hassan, Budoor Alshuaibi, Dalal Alsayel, and Hajar Alhilali for their work on the project.

The brief

The Saudi Arabian environment is diverse, including mountains, seas, and deserts, which offer an amazing experience for any adventurer who wants to experience outdoor activities, there is a huge opportunity and a problem that needs to solve to deliver those activities to the adult adventurer…

Hadeel AlQahtani

UI/UX Misk Academy Student

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